GLw (GLwDrawA.h) on Linux - solution

Ah - I have figured out what has happened to GLw on some recent Linux releases - RedHat 7.1, Mandrake 8.x, etc.

These distributions include the free Mesa version of OpenGL, and when they build the default RPM, they don’t include the GLw stuff (partly because Mesa doesn’t seem to include it by default). So, what you have do do is this:

  1. Remove the default Mesa package with the RPM tool - ignore the error messages and remove it all - you will put it back later. This means the lib and the developer version.

  2. Get the Mesa source distribution ( Build that distribution according to the directions. (It is very useful to use “configure --prefix=/usr” to have mesa install where it on /usr instead of /usr/local, but that is your choice.)

  3. “make install” that newly built version.

  4. Now, goto the Mesa widgets-mesa subdirectory, and there is the GLw stuff! Again, do a “./configure --prefix=/usr” and a
    make to build the libs. Then do a “make install”.

  5. One little problem - they call their library libMesaGLw.a - so I simply put a symbolic link from /usr/lib/libGLw.a to the Mesa version, and now my makes that need GLw work!

Hope this helps. I’m going to whine to Mesa that they should build the GLw stuff by default so that future versions of Linux will have it like it used to!

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