glVertexAttribPointerNV() entry point missing?

1.0-1251 driver/libs. Every other function used with NV_vertex_program is availible, yet there is no entry point for glVertexAttribPointerNV(). WTF is up with that? Is this the NV_fence thing all over again? I clearly recall for the longest time NV_fence was listed in the GL_EXTENSIONS string but there were no entry points to use the extension in the 0.9-5 and 0.9-6 drivers. This really sucks because I really would like to use vertex arrays w/ my vertex programs rather than using slow immediate calls to glVertex*(). If anyone from nvidia reads this, your Q/A on your linux drivers REALLY SUCKS. Thanks.

P.S. I’m posting this here since no one there has a clue on how to reply to email. Or so you lead me to believe.

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