glvertex3f help!

I need help with a opengl project i am doing and i need someone to help me do sumthing really important. (Juss so i can get this job and im not fimilliar with opengl)i need to know how i would make a button lock onto a certain model with a certain amount of vertices within it calling tha glvertex3f function. here are the verticies.

Vertice counts:


One complete model is rendered between :


(collect information here)


that is all i know of at the moment. Please help me it is very important.(itll get me a job making 70 thou a year.)

thank you

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you need to ask people for help on simple OpenGL code to get a job working with OpenGL, maybe you shouldn’t even be considering taking that job. (Note: I’m not real clear on what you are even asking so how simple the code would be is hard to say. You admit that you are not very familiar with OpenGL, though.)

This may be a novel idea, but I tend to think someone should get a job based on their own knowledge, experience, and ability to learn rather than on their ability to copy and paste code from other people.

My friend told me tha basis of what to do but he wasnt real sure on how to do this but forget it i have most of it done now.

Sorry if my previous post sounded somwhat less than helpful. To me it sounds somewhat like you put down OpenGL on your resume as something you know, and now you are being asked to prove it. Or something like that. People making false claims to get a job is kind of a pet peeve of mine. Maybe that’s just me, though. Not everyone has the same work ethics as I do, I guess…

If my assumption is wrong, I apologize.

If it isn’t and your potential employer expects a pretty good understanding of OpenGL, you better hope you can fake your way long enough to get a good knowledge of OpenGL, or you may not have the job long, even if you do end up getting hired initially.