glVertex & glTexCoord

I cannot find the function declarations for “glVertex & glTexCoord” in the gl.h header file by Vincent.

Is there one atall or is there any other way to do it ?


True, those calls don’t exist in OpenGL ES.

For tex coords, use glMultiTexCoord instead.

For vertex: The only way to render is using arrays (there is no glBegin/glEnd). Since glVertex is to trigger the state engine in a glBegin/glEnd, it’s not needed either.

Hope that helps.

  • HM

Also to read input from files (ex:- texture images) where should these image files be stored ?

Whatever works for you. The car demo example uses standard Windows Mobile API to read the image from the on-device file system.

You could equally create your own archive type, or use something like libzip to store the media assets.

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