Gluttany is a sin ...

Hi yall !
I’m new here, as you might have guessed !
I just started using OpenGL as it is a more supperior API then Direct3D.
I found myselfs drawing a shaded polygon inside a window after reading the OpenGL Redbook for just two seconds!
Pretty good compared to the three months training you need just to set up a viewport in Direct3D.
Now OpenGL is very exciting, and it looks like it won’t pose any restrictions on a programmer’s imagintation, yet the GLUT help library for OpenGL looks a bit confusing to install. I Have tried to make the libraries for a while before it actualy builded, and now, I don’t know wich library to use, since there are so many in there : (
I’m using Visual C++ 5.0, can anyone tell me what GLUT library I should link my test programs to?

Thanks in advance!

If its MS OpenGL32.dll you want use, link to glut32.lib. I think the glut.lib is for Silicon Graphics software implementation of OpenGL.


That you very much!