glutSolidTeapot doesn't work correctly under ortho projection?

I’m using OpenGL for some testing.
I render a solid teapot by glutSolidTeapot,
and set the projection using gluOrtho2D,
but only the boundary shown,it isn’t solid,
can anyone tell me the answer?


gluOrtho2D sets the view volume Z to the range [-1, 1]. If you draw the teapot too large, it will be clipped between these planes, and if you draw it large enough, and if it’s large enough, you will, in practice, only draw a slice of the teapot, which can look like the boiundary of the teapot.

Solution: Use glOrtho instead and set the near and far clip plane to a larger range than [-1, 1].

yes,just as you have explained,
i got the problem away,

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