glutHideWindow on OS X

On a MAC OSX machine, I am using FBO, depth FBO and texture FBO with freeglut to render a 3D scene to FBO and doing a render to texture. All using standard glut functions and glutMainLoop at the end.

I am using glReadPixels to read from the FBO. I can see that the pixels are being read correctly.

However When I hide the glut window using glutHideWindow, I find that the entire buffer which is retrned by glReadPixels is set to clear color (ff 00 00 00). I don’t change anything else. I think that the FBO is not being rendered to at all when the window is hidden. How do I change this? This is being observed on MAC OS X. Please let me know if you want to look at the code.

i think it’s a Mac OS characteristic, i’ll try to do something close to it and let u know.

It’s a real problem show the image to the user?

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