??? glutGetHDC & glutGetHWND ???

As a lot of people, I am lookink for a way to obtain the HWND of my glut window.
I know, I can use the GetActiveWindow() or GetForegroundWindow() from the Win32 API,
but also, looking at the “GLUT for Win32 README” included with the Win32Glut distribution, we can see :
…"(Mar 11, '97)
glutGetHDC, glutGetHWND:
In order to support additional dialog boxes, wgl fonts, and a host of other Win32 dependent structures, two functions have been added that operate on the current window in GLUT.
The first (glutGetHDC) returns a handle to the current windows device context. The second (glutGetHWND) returns handle to the current window."…
It sounds nice, but unfortunately there is no traces of these functions in glut.h…
Can someone help me ?
Thanks in advance.