glutFullScreen() ?

Does this just make the window full screen? (does it not actually change the screen resolution?)…

I mean if my computer is in 1024x768 and I set up…

glutInitWindowSize(640, 480); // 640 x 480

and then somewhere I call glutFullScreen()…
does that just strech my window out to full screen? I assume it does cuz when I run it I dont hear my monitor changing resolutions.

Any way around this? other than writing windows code?

Nevermind I found out how to use
glutGameMode to get full screen, but now the problem is when I exit I get an
Invalid page fault error…

TEST caused an invalid page fault in
module 3DFXOGL.DLL at 0167:6907ab82

Any idea why that would happen?
I even have this in my exit function…
if(glutGet(GLUT_GAME_MODE_ACTIVE)) glutLeaveGameMode();

My program doesnt even do anything yet so I’m fairly sure the glutGame mode is causing the error somehow.

Try to get newer drivers for your Voodoocard. Or do it the better way and get a Nvidiacard ;o)

Take care

But the same thing happened to my nVidia
GeforceIIMX card when the routine glutLeaveGameMode() was called.
Should i deal something else afterwards,or just leave that call alone?
btw,there seems not to be a reference of glutGameModeString,glutEnterGameMode,…etc
in glut spec.
In which white paper can i find it?I need more information.