gluTessCallback compile error on OSX

I keep getting the following error when trying to compile the following tessellation code in XCode on OS X:

error: initializing argument 3 of ‘void gluTessCallback(GLUtesselator*, GLenum, GLvoid()(…))’
error: invalid conversion from 'GLvoid(
)()’ to ‘GLvoid (*)(…)’

my call back function is declared as follows and I am using the following code to register it:

gluTessCallback(tess, GLU_BEGIN, (GLvoid () (void)) glBegin );
gluTessCallback(tess, GLU_VERTEX, (GLvoid (CALLBACK
) ()) &glVertex3dv );
gluTessCallback(tess, GLU_END, (GLvoid (CALLBACK*) ()) &glEnd );
gluTessCallback(tess, GLU_TESS_COMBINE, (GLvoid (CALLBACK*) ()) &combineCallback );
gluTessCallback(tess, GLU_ERROR, (GLvoid (CALLBACK*) ()) &errorCallback );

#ifndef CALLBACK
#define CALLBACK

static void CALLBACK vertexCallback(GLdouble *vertex)
glVertex3dv((GLdouble *)vertex);

What must the callback and the call to gluTessCallback look like?

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