glutCreateWindow and glDrawPixels Problem

I use glDrawPixels to draw an array on the screen.
But the all pixels on coordinate x=0 are not drawn. Can you imagine the reason? It looks like, as if there is a white line, but it is not in my data. And it does not help if I increase the window size.

I use the following to create the window:


I use this for glDraw Pixels :


Under some conditions I can remember I encountered such situation. This might be because the window created by glut always split the first column. And this might not be due to glut but W32 or whatever you are using.

hmm. And what can i do then? No way to display this line of pixels?

You can try to make your own W32 window (surely with disabling borders or make it fullscreen). Another solution might be to make a wider window under glut.

I’m afraid there won’t have any other possibilities to overcome your problem.