_GlutCreateMenuWithExit not in glut32.dll

I’m using the <glh_obs.h> etc extensions with calls such as
using namespace glh;
glut_callbacks cb;
glut_pan pan;
glut_dolly dolly;
glut_trackball trackball;

Interestingtly I have the glh_ utilities and have downloaded Glut 3.7.3. The dll lives in system32 and the lib in $HOME/VC98/lib. Obviously the code can’t find the function in the dll. Do I need a special version? Are these nVIDIA specific?

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Yes, the function should be in the dll. Check that you do not have multiple copys of glut32.dll and then copy the the file again. Perhaps is something wrong with your download?
I have never heard of a nvidia specific glut. It is for the window system and not the graphics card.