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I find in freeglut_std.h
that there is a function glutButtonBoxFunc
My Questions are

Q1 Is this Function is for Create Button’s for game?

Q2 How to use this function

I can’t open that link, Jan :slight_smile:
is this the same?

i didn’t find example,docs,specs and on the net(fair way) on glutButtonBoxFunc
Please help me

the google custom search text box in the upper right corner of this webpage exists for some reasons…

had you programmed with this function

I am sorry, not yet so far.

But I did try to search for it with in this forum with keyword “glutButtonBoxFunc”,
and I managed to find this link…true#Post218481

which suggested that you might want to look for GLUI stuff…

Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

Success! :wink:

thanks for your help