I was able to display each of the 7 fonts mentioned with glutBitMapCharacter:


But I need to display characters in a HUGE font, 50 or 60 pixels high. Is there a font I don’t know about that I could use with glutBitMapCharacter to get really huge fonts?

Thanks in advance

mm nope. You’d either have to use the other glutSomethingICantRememberCharacter function or use the operating system’s functions through wgl or glx (for linux). There are tutorials for that at Nehe’s.

Try glScalef(float, float, float);
Maybe can help to increase your fonts. Note that a value of 1.0, is the original size.

NeHe lesson 13 shows how to do it using Windows. Wanted to stick with glut, but as long as I can get Windows and glut to play nice together… Using the method as shown in Lesson 13, fonts of just about any size and style can be created. Very flexible and solves my problem.