How do i display a time string in a window. I am trying glutBitmapCharacter, and it is giving me an error. I know it is probably simple. Is there an opengl function which will allow my to display strings in a window?


If under Windows try wglUseFontBitmaps() Here is the sample from the MS help:

HDC hdc;
HGLRC hglrc;

// create a rendering context
hglrc = wglCreateContext (hdc);

// make it the calling thread’s current rendering context
wglMakeCurrent (hdc, hglrc);

// now we can call OpenGL API

// make the system font the device context’s selected font
SelectObject (hdc, GetStockObject (SYSTEM_FONT));

// create the bitmap display lists
// we’re making images of glyphs 0 thru 255
// the display list numbering starts at 1000, an arbitrary choice
wglUseFontBitmaps (hdc, 0, 255, 1000);

// display a string:
// indicate start of glyph display lists
glListBase (1000);
// now draw the characters in a string
glCallLists (24, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, “Hello Win32 OpenGL World”);

Well, perhaps this doesn’t fit well into a GLUT environment.

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