glutAttachMenu now broken?


Coding “glutAttachMenu(GLUT_RIGHT_BUTTON)”

used to work, but no longer does after a system update. When I click any of my four mouse buttons, I get no menu. I’m using a Logitech mouse.

Coding “glutAttachMenu(GLUT_LEFT_BUTTON)”

has a very interesting effect! ALL the mouse buttons create a contextual menu! (I believe Apple’s new ‘Joystick’ features has messed up GLUT. The ‘Configure Joystick’ option in the menus of the example programs is unable to recognize other mouse buttons than the left one.)

I recently reinstalled the Dec Dev Tools, and still am experiencing the same problem.

Has anyone else had similar problems?
Might anyone know a workaround that will still allow me to use contextual menus?
Does anyone know where to submit bug reports to Apple?

Thank you.

  • Others have had similar problems, though I thought the 10.2.4 GLUT was OK in this respect
  • There is a newer version of GLUT than the one in 10.2.4 available from (I think)
  • The workaround is to get a different version of GLUT
  • You can submit bugs at You need to be a member of the ADC (online membership is free from

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