glut32.dll InstallShield error 1310

Hello there,

Not sure if it’s the right forum to ask, I’ve posted this on Toolkits forum as well.

InstallShield is getting me an error 1310 when trying to copy
glut32.dll into System32 folder on Vista/XP 64-bit/Windows 7

Do you guys know why this error happens only for that file?

Thanks a lot!

This is not related to opengl. You need to be the computer administrator to write to the System32 directory.

Thanks for your reply!

I’m Administrator, I have full permissions on that folder and any other file is copied properly.

Even running the setup as administrator doesn’t solve the issue either.

Could not understand why only glut32.dll doesn’t want do copy?

Thank you for any hint!

Another option is to create a folder of your own somewhere and point your environment PATH variable to it, so Windows can find your binaries without having to stink up the system folders. I just create a SDK\Bin folder and pack all my odds and ends into it.

Hope it helps.

even as admin under Vista make sure you specify from popup menu “run as Administrator” or the install package is corrupt.