glut32.dll, glut.h(i need this)

any body give me this files at glut32.dll, glut.h

i think you can download it in the developer download section of


It would help if you told us which compiler you were using.

Hi all,

i’ve the same problem, i’ve to use for a university-work <Gl/glut.h> in “Borland C Builder 5” (on W2K).
From where can I get it and how to integrate?

Fabio /germany/

You can download a Borland compatible GLUT library from my web site ( It is a slightly older version than what is available on the net – 3.7.3 rather than 3.7.5 – but it should work well with any version of BCB or the free command line compiler.

I have also read that if you change all occurrences of “if 0” to “if 1” in the current version of the GLUT.H file, it will
work with the Borland compilers.


i am using VC++ version 6.0

if you have any sample example, please give me for learning

You can download the GLUT DLL from Nate Robin’s web site

The source has over 100 examples.

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