Does professional game engine uses GLUT for windowing purposes?
Is it feasible to use GLUT in a heavy game engine?
I am trying to develope a good game engine for my graduation project. Now I’m gathering information…Any kind of help and suggestion is appreciated.

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I see only one reason why professional games don’t use glut, that is the GNU license, which says you have to let others feel free to change, modify, use your own code (unless you publish sources at all of course )…

Besides it seems quite good portable stuff, similar to what SDL offers, but glut is graphic only, no music etc.

Generally no … GLUT is often used for testing purposes as it is easy to get quick prototypes up and running and makes it easy to test out ideas. Same goes for the other support packages out there too.

In the end you would need to write the windowing code specific for the target system. e.g. glx for Unix etc …

You shold be able to create the core engine in system portable code, and then provide a windowing and device access layer which calls system specific functions …

Sort of really depends if you are targeting one system or not … e.g. Windows only, or do you want to go for Windows, Unix, Mac, PS2, GameCube and so on …


> Does professional game engine uses GLUT
> for windowing purposes?

Loki, of course, used SDL.

Here’s the book to get you started: