Well, i’ve been using GLUT so far…the functions and the structure of the programs are simple and easily understood! However i realized that there are not many tutorials on GLUT!
I would like to know if using windows.h is THAT better than GLUT and if there’s a good tutorial on that lib?
Thanks in advance!

hey KeSh, all the examples from the redbook use glut:

i dont understand the second part of your question.

For example, as i saw in Nehe Gamedev’s they use windows.h instead of GLUT, but they assume we already know smotheing about the lib…
What i really want is to learn how to use the windows.h to handle all the windows in the way i want.

ah, i see. you want to learn windows programming. an odd question for an opengl forum … you should post questions of this nature in the windows forum.

anyway, a good place to start:

and, as always, let google be your guide.