GLUT under KDE and Kdevelope

After building the program when I try to run my GLUT example I get the following.

GLUT: Warning in lt-helloworld: The following is a new check for GLUT 3.0; update your code.
GLUT: Fatal Error in lt-helloworld: redisplay needed for window 1, but no display callback.

Also I have Redhat 7.1.

you seem having an old glut. now versions are 3.7.3.
just download it and install it

The error message is probably correct. You have no display function.

I am new to programming under linux, the code is from a Opengl book that I purchessed.
It is at least maybe three years old.
Is there maybe some changes in opening a window with 3.0 ver. under 3.0?
or with callbacks?

I don’t know.
Just let see me the code and i will take a look at it.

I found what was causing GLUT error, it is a display init problem with the following:


By removing GLUT_ALPHA the program would run.

Is this a problem with the Linux display drivers for my card?

I have a ATI Rage Pro turbo.

But the program work’s fine under windoz…


You get the error message if you do not have a glutDisplayFunc(redraw) or similar in your program. GLUT has not changed much lately so if your book was good 2 years ago is it still good.

then your call may looks like:

i have missed something:
have you any glutDisplayfunc() ? if not, don’t attempt to see something.


If you want to see the code…

Lesson 7 under the examples code.

sorry, i don’t see your lesson.
in which part is it ?

Originally posted by jide:
sorry, i don’t see your lesson.
in which part is it ?

The file is called lesson 07, but the web page refers to it as OpenGL tutorial 07.

Hope this helps…

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