glut teapot do i need to initialize glut?

i was wondering if i could make a glut teapot with out having glut window and such? jsut the teapot function at the loop can it work?

wow i see it needs glutinit() which needs some values returned by main? so it only works with c and c++ ??



from docs:


    						A pointer to the program's unmodified argc variable from main. Upon return, the
    						value pointed to by argcp will be updated, because glutInit
    						extracts any command line options intended for the GLUT library.


    						The program's unmodified argv variable from main. Like argcp,
    						the data for argv will be updated because glutInit extracts any
    						command line options understood by the GLUT library.

what are those values? how can i get them? im not in Cpp!!

In basic C or C++

int main( int argc, char** argv )

See your compiler helpr on MAIN

If you not Using C/C++ them check your compilers help/docs etc to see how it passes command line arguements