GLUT stereo examples ported to Mac OS X

Hello all–

Having received news that ADC has posted a GLUT stereo example for use on selected ATI boards, I have updated the GLUT stereo demos that I modified for Win32 to use Mac OS X Cocoa framework.

As noted in the brief readme file, this was pretty easy to do using Project Builder. The code that needed to be changed were the #includes (“GL/glut.h” → “GLUT/glut.h”), and some misc cleanup of hangovers from Win32.

Details about the stereoscopic perspective view generation are posted at:

Hello all–

I’ve posted updates of my GLUT stereo demos with additional support for visual stereo sync signalling used by StereoGraphics (blue-line code) and H3D (color bar codes).

This was done as interim solution since the Mac OS X GLUT version leaves such signalling to the app. Ultimately this should be incorporated into a lower level library, driver, or other middleware, which I did for SciTech DDStereo and GLDirect.

If there are any stereo enthusiasts out there, let me know what you think.


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