GLUT slow during keypressed

Hello everyone!
I noticed that when a key is pressed, my programm slows down. I use Visual C++, but I noticed this problem with demos that I found on this site, so my question is : how do you stop windows interruptions generated by keypressed?
Thank you !!!

Does your program always slow down when you press any key on the keyboard? Does it go slow with any example you download besides the one you create? Are you using GLUT?

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Sorry for asking those questions, I didn’t completely read your problem. Now for a real question, are you using Double Buffering? What does your keyboard Code look like?

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It slows down each time any key is pressed. I use Glut, and I use double buffering. The program that slows down shows water with drops that fall on it.
It slows very down if I press the key for a long time.

Is the key your pressing executing any kind of animation or does it go slow when you press any key?

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