glut problems

Hi I posted one topic yesterday and I’m still stuck with it. The problem is surely quite easy and wont take much time for someone who knows OpenGL. I’ve written a very short program which opens a window and draws a rectangle.

In the settings for the project I included the following linkers:

-mwindows -lopengl32 -lglu32 -lglut

When compiled I cant execute and get the error message “OPENGLdll file is missing”. I suspect the has something to do with the glut package I use since I mangaged to open in others way without glut.
I’m not sure I installed the glut package correctly, will someone help me so that I can coninue learning OpenGL!

No, you’re missing the OpenGL dynamic link library on your platform.

Install the latest drivers for your graphics card. And the SDK from the manufacturer just to be on the save side (This shouldn’t be essential but what the heck.).

You don’t say what your OS is etc, but you’re obviously on some version of windows.

You may just be missing the directory but OpenGL32.dll should be in the system32 dir. … Hmmm just a sec, you did use OpenGL32 didn’t you.

Make sure you’re not missing the “32” part.

Dorbie, the poster doesn’t say so but this is a continuation of another thread which has a fair bit more detail. Something about this guy’s setup sounds very peculiar; his original link error sounds as if he didn’t even have the import library, never mind the DLL.