glut performance


I compiled two programs from two different tutorials, one using GLUT and one using win32 windowing, and I noticed that even though they render almost nothing, the GLUT one is very slow when I try to move the window around.

The code for the tutorials can be found online:

Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Thanks a lot.

hello there,

Although I’m new here, I’ve used ogl with vc++ and glut. Glut is a toolkit developed by mark kilgard for beginners to learn ogl.As Ogl is a cross platform independant, it does not have any interfaces like I/O for any particular OS. So we can use it with any language. Glut provides easy interfaces for the user , so that the user does not have any problems and headaches with programming each and every message that windows sends to the app. Glut is inefficient in this regard as it aint a full time commercial product. Vc++ on the other hand has excellent optimization at its hands during compilation and hence it runs the app more efficiently.

It’s like the comparison of java and c/c++. Because java is platform independent and runs on a virtual machine it has a little more overhead and gets a performance hit, whereas c/c++ has more direct link with the harware. Same with GLUT…using WGL or the mac library(AGL?) interfaces more directly with the machine.