Glut or not!?

I am a begginer and i dunderstand opengl pretty well but i want to know should i use Glut instead of just regular Vc++? And what is Motif?

Motif is for Linux GUI programming (so don’t bother if you program for Windows).
The advantages of glut over regular VC++:
-Much easier to setup windows to render to.
-Portability (if you write your programs in standard C++, they should compile on other platforms).
-You’re limited to small or medium-sized programs (glut is typically used for portable demos or small programs).

>-You’re limited to small or medium-sized >programs (glut is typically used for >portable demos or small programs).

And why is that ? :-/

Because the message loop is in the library can you not easy extend glut programs.

Another limitation is that some of the function like the ones for input is not really good enough for some programs.

What is the most that concerns you from the list below:

Q1- The Graphical User Interface (GUI)?
Q2- The Application Functionality?
Q3- The Cross-Platform Portability?
Q4- The Ability to code more complex apps?

OK, the answers will be as follows:

In case of GLUT:

A1- The GLUT has nothing but a Window and Right Click Menu! Bad!

A2- It has not much functions/features coz it is not an Operating System!

A3- It is cross platform portable!

A4- Not Really!? Not that Complex stuff!

In case of VC++ and Windows OS:

A1- It has lots of GUI componets to name few is the Sliders, List Boxes, Menus (Bar, Dropdown and Flaoting), etc.

A2- More than you can ever dream of! The only limit is you IMAGINATION!

A3- It can be using the VC++ if you just don’t link to the regular LIBs like MFC, WTL, ATL stuff, just plain C++ and Windows API (SDK stuff).

A4- Again the LIMIT is your IMAGINATION!

Good Luck!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the GLUI.LIB which is a GUI built on top of the GLUT.LIB
whcih has things like the Windows OS has.

If you want it I can check where the site was and post it here.

And about the Motif, don’t worry, it has nothing to do with you if you just want Windows Programming. If you want for Linux, then it is the best you can get.

If you need GUI components in your OpenGL applications and want cross platform capabilities you should look into some of the open source GUI toolkits out there. FLTK, GLOW, GTK+ and PLIB are just a few that I have used which support OpenGL. There is a big list of GUI toolkits here : PLIB and GLOW both work with GLUT and FLTK has its own windowing interface, but it does support OpenGL. If you need a C++ GUI toolkit you should check out FLTK, it is easy to use and very powerful.

Nate Miller

GLUT is wonderful because it allows you to write small programs concentrating on OpenGL.

Yeah bu most of coders target 3D Tools or Games that most of the time are not small programs and need to have more control on the main loop :wink:
So Glut might not be the best choice in these cases…