what’s the main difference between Glut and Aux? My Vc++ has no Glut, how can i get it?


i thing glut is more portable (aux is limited to win32 as far i know - i personally don’t use aux so i can be wrong). and the another thing they are different in purpose. aux is used for image loading and some other support stuff (again i never used it so maybe i’m wrong). glut is creating windows for you (no more CreateWindowEx and such stuff). it makes your program more portable because each platform has different api for creating and managing windows. and where to get it? try google or surf for a while…

glaux was written by Microsoft to help build demo’s for openGL, it includes simple 3D primitive objects like sphare, cone and a BMP texture loader. glaux is still used for examples and it BMP loader, but for the most part is out of date, and limited to the windows VC++ for the most part, mabye borland has support for it, but not much int he way of linux.

GLUT was written to make it easy to build openGL programs, it has basic window functions like open/close window, keyboard and mouse input. Also like glaux it includes simple 3D primitive objects. But does not have any texture loader.

Glut works on all major computer platforms, Windows, Mac, Linux

Glut came be downloaded from the Glut for windows website hosted by Nate Robins, pluse some good example programs.

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[b]what’s the main difference between Glut and Aux? My Vc++ has no Glut, how can i get it?


glaux was created by SGI, not Microsoft.
For more on glaux see: