Glut on Solaris??

First of all I’m new to the OpenGl world and was wondering if anyone knew of any good books on GLUT. I am tring to program on a Solaris system (Sun) for work (Raytheon CO), and though I feel pretty confident on OpenGl, I want to know more about GLUT. (or is GLUT the best thing to use on Suns?). I have read the OpenGL Superbible and am hoping someone could push me in the right direction for finding other good books on OpenGL and GLUT (I would prefer if they delt more with UNIX systems than the Evil Empire of Windows!!) :rolleyes

Any Help would be appreciated!!!

Get the “OpenGL Programming Guide”. Also known as the red book.
I think there is an online version aswell but I am not sure.
All examples in the book is written regarding using glut. It is not at all as windoze as the superbible. I am a mac and SUN developer myself. There is also a reference manual in the same series (a.k.a. the blue book).
Finally there is the green book (lot of colors here…) which is a book ecspecially for X. Both for OGL with glut and Motif. Dont remember the exact name on that one… can send a post tomorrow from work if you like…
Anyways the red book is a must!