Glut on Solaris x86 64bit

I am searching for where I can find the Glut Source for a Solaris OS on x86 64bit. I have been able to find downloads for the pre-compiled binaries. I have been instructed that the binaries are not sufficient and I need to find the actual source so I can compile it myself. Is there any way for me to obtain the source for Glut on Solaris that anyone knows of? Any help, guidance, hints, or information in finding this source would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Try freeglut.

So I found this.

On the OpenGL site
Under the Pre-compiled binaries for Solaris users section. But it says it contains a completely built GLUT source tree, including all source and object files as well as the final headers and libraries

I am a novice with linux / unix and have had no luck trying to install this on this solaris box. I don’t know if I am just doing something wrong? Or is this not what I need? I continue to read all the readmes and look for any information but I don’t understand alot of it. If there is anyone who can help explain the install / make process to get glut onto this solaris box, I would greatly appreciate it.

This Issue is annoying since I already have the application working on another Linux box and just need to give this Solaris Box the ability to use Glut and I think I will be home free.

I have been trying to Install FreeGlut as well but also to no avail, I’m starting to doubt if the box even has OpenGl on it, but we thought it did…

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