glut: mouse setcursor() ?


i am using my mouse to rotate my scene-camera. it works fine, i have registered a function with glutMotionFunc().

but unfortunately, when my cursor runs out of the window, my camera rotation comes to an end.
is there a possibility, in a “win32 CONSOLE appilcation” to set the mouse cursor back to the middle of the window?

if anybody could give me a hint or two, i could reset the cursor after every movement and everything would be perfect …

i would be very thankful for help :slight_smile:



You probably need …

glutWarpPointer(int x, int y)



oh man, THANK YOU very much.
i havent found a good list of all glut-features and -functions yet …

where from do you have this wisdom?


Have a look at the documentation in the SDK.

and look at glut.h