GLUT Mouse Functions.. can u use these in a win32 environment??

i am trying to manipulate my 3D object with the mouse. so whenever i am clicking on my object with the mouse, the 3D object moves in the same direction… or you can rotate the object or pretty much anything. GLUT has some nice features to do this, however i cannot seem to get glut and win32 to work together. the compiler nails me to the wall. can anyone help me?,

then go to the left menu and select tutorial
46-48, and then take a look at tutorial 48. Excellent trackball control for 3 objects.

thanks a lot for that, i have looked at that before. sadly, it doesnt work with more complex objects other than a ball. i got it to work with my heightmap and some other things but it doesnt transform and rotate correctly. it rotates from a given single point not an updated point on ur object that you choose. i will keep looking and thanks a lot for the lead!

if i could get GLUT in my win32 project then the code is cut down tremendously. i have heard some people have done it, but i have yet to see it.