GLUT.lib for Borland C++ Builder 6

I have the problem to get GLUT running with Borland C++ Builder 6. Reason is, that most glut.h files in the net are for VC++. I tried all, that is posted in the net. Download the VC++ files and transfer them to BCB via implib… Also this failed. Who has GLUT running with Borland C++ Builder 6? Please let me know, what to do. Does someone has working header files?

Did you use the .def file that comes with glut? I had it working once, but it was a couple of years ago. Anyway, I can give you a

if you have glut32.dll and glut.def use implib like this:
implib -c -a glut32.lib glut32.dll glut.def
implib -c glut32.lib glut32.dll glut.def

I can’t remember wich one works. Try them both.

I got it running finally. I used the files from the CD which comes with the “OpenGL Superbible” in the folder “tools\glut3.7\Wind32PreBuilt”. The I used the implib command on them.