Glut in Windows

I have to teach a course in Computer Graphics starting in about 2 weeks and I’m getting desperate. I am starting out with the Nehe tutorials but my text book uses Glut. I am using MS VC++6. The textbook programs won’t work but the demos that came with Windows glut do. I feel it has to do with the makefile. I can find no info on what this is for or what should be in it or where it should be located. But the makefile batch file that comes with glut won’t work. It says bad file name but the file is there. And I do have the latest version of glut (3.7.1). Can anyone walk me through this or give me a good link to something that does?


PS. I have ordered OpenGl in X Windows from the publisher but can’t wait that long. Need to get this working today!

maybe if I understand your question you cannot build programs yourself (and you have just the source for glut and cant build that either) yes?

Well here is the percompiled libs and dll’s for glut just use these

or here

No, I have the precompiled versions. Computers are worse than cars. You take them to the expert and all of a sudden they start working. I think my problem was I was making it a Win32 Application instead of a Win 32 Console Application. But who knows, I’ve tried so many diffeent things.

Thanks anyway. I’m sure I’ll be a constant visitor here this semester.


yes you should make it as a console application when using glut

are you getting linker errors while trying
to compile the .exe …?

or do you just want to know how to go about
setting up a project workspace in VC++6.0

I was getting linker errors but everything seems to be working fine now that I am using the Console Application.

Thanks, though.