glut help

Hi! someone tell me that glut can do some basics commands such as button or text fields, is it true and if yes where can i find somes examples for VC6 ?

In fact i’m looking for an opengl interface system.

You are not able to create buttons and textfields and similar stuff in GLUT. GLUT is just a utility for setting up window(s) for rendering, handle input, and render basic primitives. There are some other libaries you can use for more advanced input/output, and one of them is called GLUI, dunno address, but I think you can find a link at GLUT’s homesite. GLUI is written ontop of GLUT/OpenGL.

MUI(micro user interface) is a glut component for buttons and the like which is undocumented, and so far I haven’t seen any of the supposed .libs or headers that are said to exist. You can find info on MUI from the developer resources links section, I think at Mark Kilgards homepage.


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