glut.h and new NVIDIA Card

I have been having a lot of problems installing GLUT with a new Dell M60 and NVIDIA Quatro FX 1000. Fedora 2 does not come with this nor does the NVIDIA set of drivers. For my old FX 700 there was a separate NVIDIA GLUT rpm that seems to have had glut.h etc… Does anyone know what the best source for these files is?

actually, this site is the best place to find glut information. as you might be aware they stopped releases of glut some time ago. there is a linux and windows version, as well as others for sgi’s etc. There is also a new continuation of glut called freeglut

glut page GLUT on OGL

freeglut Freeglut on sourceforge

also the most maintained and developed, which most people seem to be mentioning: OpenGLUT OpenGLUT on sourceforge

everything yo need should be here

Thanks. The FreeGlut did not seem to work so I will try the others.