GLUT, gtk+, QT???

I have made a small 3D engine in linux uesing GLUT to do all the windowing stuff. I am going to remake it, the first one is really sloppy and slow, in any event what I want to know is what do all the OGL experats out there think is the best libary to handle the windoing stuff. I am doing it in X and I need it to run in *nix and eventuly windows so proptryity stuff is not going to work that well. I have been looking around and I am think about GTK+ or Qt? any input would be helpfull.


I use Gtk+ (actually gtk–) for all my GL stuff. Really, you could probably use either Qt or Gtk+. They both have GL widgets that are easy to use (no work at all, basically). I stick to Gtk+ because it’s really free, as opposed to Qt, which is only sort of free.