glut/gluLookAt( )

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I’m using opengl in a visualC++ 6.0 program for the graphics part. I’ve been trying to use gluLookAt( ) to change the viewpoint and orient the camera but I’m getting an “unresolved external” error. When I include <gl/glut.h> in header I get fatal error " cannot include…". Do you know what I must do to be able to include glut and hence use gluLookAt( )?
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you need to include “gl/GLU.h” and link with GLU32.lib.

GLUT (not GLU) is a separate library, to use GLUT download the distribution for windows here:
The README explains where to copy the files so that Visual C++ will find it.

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I’ve been able to download glut fromthat site you gave and gluLookAt() is now working. Thanks a lot.