GLUT/GLUI program not compiling in Release mode

I’m testing out the example files that came with the GLUI package. They all compile perfectly in debug mode, but they all run into “Access violation reading location …” problems when compiling in release mode. The location changes depending on the file I’m compiling, but it’s always an access violation error. Does anyone know why this may be? GLUT only programs seem to work in release mode, just not when GLUI functions are used.


That’s strange, I have already used glui with glut without any problem. Do you use the latest glui release? Do you use glut or freeglut?

I’m not so sure… I believe I’m using GLUT. Would the GLUI version matter? Or perhaps a problem with Visual Studio 2008 itself?

No I don’t think so but it is better to use the latest. I have not used glui for a while and it was always on linux, so I can not say for visual studio. Maybe it is due to a programming mistake on your side, some tests that are done in debug configuration but not in release one…

Try to write the simplest glut program as possible using glui and see if it still happen, you may identify the issue this way… good luck!