GLUT game mode tutorial

I’ve added a new section to the GLUT tutorial covering the game mode.

Have a go at

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As usual, Antonio, great material and great coverage.

One suggestion for a later addition would be the minutia of what would cause a failure. For example, glutGameModeGet(GLUT_GAME_MODE_POSSIBLE) could be used to determine what the current hardware configuration is capable of. But, it would be important to note what glut queries to determine the capability. E.g. Last week, I wrote a quick applet that cycles through a set of 45 possible resolution/refresh/color depth settings and displays a pure white background with minimal text listing the mode’s information. This provides one with the ability to cycle through and stop on a particular mode and then do O-scope analysis of the rgb output with all levels set to peak. Beneficial, yes, but it has it’s flaws. One of those is querying and handling error conditions. Like if the refresh rate is not maintainable by the monitor’s mode table, then glut drops back to a funky windowed mode (at least on Nvidia drivers). (BTW, ATI and Matrox drivers choke with glutGameMode often.) I’d like to understand whether it’s the registry settings that glut is querying, or actually asking the monitor and graphics card what it can do. I assume it does the latter, but will glutGameModeGet(GLUT_GAME_MODE_POSSIBLE) return a non-zero value if the graphics card is capable of a certain mode, while the monitor is not? It’s probably a good question for Mark Kilgard, but I’ll voice it here in hopes that some of the other Nvidia folk are reading.

Sorry for the long post, I should have just emailed this response. <g>