GLUT fullscreen cs. gamemode

What is the difference (if any) between running GLUT in a fullscreen mode (via glutFullScreen) and GLUT game mode?


P.S.- I hope it doesn’t bother anyone that I’m posting a GLUT specific question here. If there’s a better forum for this, please let me know.

From the GLUT faq:

Q41:What is GameGLUT?

A41: GameGLUT is a set of API extension to GLUT to be released in GLUT 3.7. These extensions provide keyboard release
callbacks, disabling of keyboard auto repeat, joystick callbacks, and full screen resolution setting.

Not sure if there anything else that differs.


I’m not 100% sure about this.

glutFullScreen just maximize the window to cover the entire screen, and removes all borders, buttons and stuff, no “real” fullscreen, but a large window. You can only change the resolution by change the desktop resolution.

The game mode changes videomode/colordepth to whatever you want to. In other words, “real” fullscreen.

It seems like gamemode is not available in X-environments.


I really cannot find documentation for GLUT 3.7!!!
Where is it??
I’d like to use game mode, but no docs, only uncommented examples.

If you download the source you get the man pages. You can read those files in any texteditor in windows, but you have to ignore some man specific stuff/commands(?) in those files.

Maybe there is a man command for dos?.

Yes all but one manual in the GLUT 7.0 distribution isn’t corrupt.
Spaces are replaced with some strange byte codes, and lines are thrown together, maybe it’s because they were written under another OS?

Oh Rob, well running in a true fullscreen mode is about 20 % faster then running in a windowed mode. This is because graphics output doesn’t have to be clipped by the API before it reaches the screen. And the OS doesn’t have to worry about the applications running on the desktop anymore eighter, because you’re application wich runs in fullscreen mode is the only one to receive input and maintainance messages.