GLUT for XP x64


I am trying to set up development for OpenGL on XP x64 and follow the excercises in “OpenGL Super Bible”. For this I will need GLUT but so far I have not been able to find a x64 version of GLUT. Is one available?

search for freeglut instead.
I found this :

Thanks. Hopefully I won’t need to use GLUT for too long but my course is focused on learning OpenGL and learning how to use for example the Windows API so that I don’t need to use GLUT is probably as complicated as learning OpenGL.

I suggest GLFW too as a simple way to start with OpenGL :

I see many recommending GLFW these days, but I fail to see why it would be better than GLUT. Also, GLUT is often stated as less preferrable. A common argument is that it “hasn’t been updated for years”.

But when I look with my own eyes, GLUT is extremely complete and capable, and with a very nice and simple API, while the alternatives have severe limitations or are too big.

On the Mac, GLUT has all advantages, the official Mac GLUT is open source and is up-to-date. On other platforms, FreeGLUT should help if the official lib is lagging behind.

So what is causing the migration from GLUT?

Both Freeglut and GLFW are good and easy and maintained.

GLFW is more oriented towards games or non-interactive demos, rather than the event-driven glut. And a lot of beginners take some time to grasp the concept of event-driven applications.

That is a point. I am not sure how much problems the students have with the callback system though. (They have more trouble with the algebra.)

There is a x64 (and x86) build of (Mesa) GLUT in the Cg Toolkit installer.