Glut for Redhat 9?

Hello, I went to the toolkit download page, but
could not find glut for Linux. Is there any glut
for Linux, or should I get another program for Linux?


Thank you very much ZbuffeR. Now I have both glut and mesa installed and at least I got mesa
demos running.

My question is that I am not sure what do do with
the sample .c programs included in glut Toolkit.
Now I have installed glut and example programs,
I am not sure how I can get those programs compiled and running.

What I would like to know is how the workflow using glut and mesa. Do I compile the sample
programs using glut, then bring it to mesa and
view the graphics? or is it totally done differently?

Excuse me for such a basic question since I am a beginner.

I appreciate any help,


Help me!
I want to use glut in linux,but i don’t know how to install it and how to use it.please help me .

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