glut error with Borland C++ Builder

I’m using the Borland C++ Builder 5 and the glut functions aren’t recognized by the compiler.
Each glut function that I use causes one error like that:
[Linker Error] Unresolved external
‘glutSwapBuffers’ referenced from D:\PUC\COMP GRÁF 2\CUBO\MAIN.OBJ

I added the glut32.lib to the project and the error changed to:
[Linker Error] ‘D:\PUC\COMP GRÁF 2\CUBO\GLUT32.LIB’ contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21 (possibly COFF)

I changed the type of .lib (using the coff2omf.exe) and the linkage go fine. But when I try to run the aplication, I receive a message saying that the aplication is linked with glut32.dll and the aplication didn’t found _glutCreateWindow@4.

What can I have to do to compile the glut without error?

As I’m not a Borland user, I can only refer you to the readme .