Glut doesnt work and its pissin me off

i have vc++ 6.0 and could you please tell me how to get glut to work i programmed an application using glut and it gives me 22 errors about seperate function calls
i have the header and dll and all that other stuff why doesnt it work

windows really pisses me off

Are you getting compiler errors, or linker errors?

If you’re getting compiler errors, make sure that you have included the following files:

#include <gl.h>
#include <glu.h>
#include <glut.h>

If you’re getting linker errors, make sure you put the following libraries in the input area for the linking options on your project settings:
opengl32.lib glu32.lib glut32.lib

I’m pretty sure that the glut32.lib name is correct, but I’m not sure.

Can you get any OpenGL programs to compile? Or is it just glut-based ones?

follow these steps, they will fix your problems unless your program is wrong.

Rizo, that site says to create a console app, and not a win32 app. That is incorrect, it should be the other way around: create a win32 app not a win32 console app. There is no email on that page so I can’t contact the person who made the mistake, but maybe you can.

Unless you want to tweak with compiler/linker setting, you better create a Win32 Console application. A Win32 Console application got main() as entry point, which is the same entrypoint as literally all GLUT-examples you can get uses. A Win32 application uses WinMain() as entrypoint.

You can create a window-based application and have main instead of WinMain. Just create a standard window-based application with VC6, go to the settings for the linker, switch through the option pages (I’m using the german Version, so i don’t know the English command) and enter “mainCRTStartup” as the program entry point (case sensitive!!)

Should work fine without having a console window popping up.


I know that it is possible to create either a console app or just a normal win32. However, to keeps things simple (less programming for newbies) it is better to start with a console app. The only nag would be the console window popping up, which you can easily disable in compile options.

I set up my environment just exactly as the page says and I haven’t had any problems.


They should almost create a separate forum called “Newbies who can’t get their OpenGL apps to compile.” Then someone could just periodically post a new thread saying “Put the libraries in your project!”, “#include <windows.h> before <gl.h>!”, “Download the glut headers and libraries to use glut!”

It seems there is always a number of threads from people who don’t understand linking/compiling issues and don’t bother to check to see if someone else has already posted a similar question. I’m guessing these questions are probably in the FAQ too, but who really expects newbies to check a FAQ?

I don’t mean to be mean or anything, but these problems really stem from a lack of C/C++ knowledge rather than a real OpenGL problem.