GLUT compiling instructions?

I’d like to move an openGL project over to OSX, can anyone point me towards some instructions for compiling a GLUT app under OSX? I was hoping it would just involve downloading an OSX version of glut.h since I think the glut libraries are already in the OS. Is this possible? GLUT apears to be implemented differently on the mac.

I’ve got codewarrior 6 installed, if that matters.

glut is installed by default on Mac OS X.
I suggest you read the information provided on the apple developer website for example code or even try to google. Additionally this question has been discussed on these boards before so check the archives.

A tip: drop cw, apples xcode is free and quite alright.

If you google, you will find:
which is a good and easy to follow introduction.

Curse my youthfull enthusiasm, I did jump the gun. Thanks for the mature response. That link is exactly what I needed.

(my googling wasn’t smart enough and I stopped searching here when I read the FAQ)

hehe, I like your irony
Didn’t want to sound like a besserwisser but I guess that is the way my reply looks. Anyway good luck.

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