GLUT compiling error on Borland C++ 5.02

I have tried to configure Borland c++ 5.02 for GLUT/OpenGL. I use Windows 2000 pro OS. As I try to compile I get the warning message
“GLUT.H (486,22): Cannot create pre-compiled header: code in header” and the error message “test.cpp (245,19): Call to undefined function ‘glBindTexture’”. Are these messages related, and do anyone have any idea on how to solve the problem?

this due to the fact that Borland C++ 5.02’s OpenGL headers are too old,
then some functions are not declared here (like glBindTexture … )

the trick is to find more recent headers, like thoses from Dev-C++ for example
then, you just have to replace the oldest by the newest, and… thats it !!!

Theorically, it will work.