glut bugs ?

I have glut 3.7.6 and also some problems with the GameMode…even with glutGameModeString() i cant change the frequence. Only when i change the frequence settings for direct draw directly via the driver settings it works…is this a kind of bug in glut ?

Another problem with the GameMode of glut is an heavy flickering when i am online via an isdn-modem…when i am offline it is gone…buggy buggy buggy

Since apart from the GameMode of glut the rest works fine i would like to try parts of other libraries like GLFW. Do you think it is possible to mix these two or glut with some other library that is used for controlling windows etc. ?

GLUT is considered dead, but not barried. You should try Qt. Haven’t used it, but the code looks very much like GLUT.

As for the flickering, I dont think GLUT is at fault. Do all you opengl apps go screwy. Could be that the modem is taking away to much time from the CPU or something. No clue.


Just some propaganda: Instead of Qt, you could go for the completely free, open source and platform independent windowing framework wxWindows instead. Has the same OpenGL support as Qt (basically, both give you a GL window to render to) but is completely free.

Sorry, I just love open source :wink:

I must agree with asgard… Open source rocks…

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