GLUT, borland C, and hardware compatibility question

I am a student preparing for my first graphics course using openGL. I have glut installed, using borland 5.5, and using a very old graphics card(diamond stealth with a monster card add on) have been able to write and run simple begginer programs. I decided to upgrade to a video card with hardware support for openGL,(installed a stealth III S540, savage4 pro+). This new card crashs the program as soon as it starts to run. Anyone have any ideas on this, or should I go back to the old card. Thanks, Jim

Get the newest driver (cards from then had BAD drivers) or get a new one. TNT2 is cheap, geforce2 mx also.
I mean, if it ran in software mode, it shouldn’t crash in hardware.

How did you use the Monster card? Because old monsters didnt have a full ICD, when I was programming under 3dfx I had to put that partial 3dfx DLL under name opengl32.dll in the program directory. Check if this old dll is not in your dir. It may crash the program.

Another way was to load the dll at runtime (but I never did it this way, too lazy ). In this case you will need to rewrite the loading part of the program.

hope it helps