GLUT Application can't run in other computer.

I’ve written a RaceTrack program in C++ using Visual Studio 2005 under Windows XP. Everything is fine on a machine that has glut32.dll, .h, .lib. However, other computer that has no GLUT or compiler tool just throws error about reinstalling application: wrong configuration thing.

I heard Glut application executable can be run on other computers if we accompany it with glut32.dll file. It is not happening… Is there anyway of making that executable run on other machine??

glut32.dll is not in WINDOWS/system32 by default. just provide it with your executable, thats all.

Thank you. I actually did have glut32.dll in the same folder with executable all the time. The problem lied elsewhere. I’ve compiled that GLUT application in release mode (not debug mode), then it started to work on any computer if it accompanied by glut32.dll. The difference between debug mode and release mode made the difference here.